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Ever been intrigued by solving mysteries? Unikop College proudly presents its DIPLOMA IN INVESTIGATION SERVICES Program which will help you grow towards the career of Forensic Investigator, where science meets detective work. 🚀✨

Why Choose Forensic Investigation at Unikop College?
🌟 Dive into the fascinating world of crime scene analysis and evidence interpretation.
🌟 Learn from experienced professionals and industry experts.
🌟 Hands-on experience with state-of-the-art forensic technology.
🌟 Uncover the secrets of solving real-life cases and contributing to justice.

Embark on an investigative journey that blends science, logic, and critical thinking. 🧩👣 Be the detective the world needs!

Apply Now:

Local Students: https://unikop.edu.my/registration-form-new-students/
International Students : https://unikop.edu.my/international-enquiry/


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