Cyberjaya is considered one of Malaysia’s new cities, and to help you with the move to the new campus we have created a list of places to visit that makes your student life experience much more fun and easier. 

Places To Live In Cyberjaya

Are you searching for hotels, apartments or guests house? Let’s explore the best places to stay in Cyberjaya 

Places To Visit In Cyberjaya

Discover the most attractive places and shopping centre in Cyberjaya diverse

Places To Eat In Cyberjaya

Let’s explore the dining choices in Cyberjaya with varieties of foods & beverages 

Places To Pray In Cyberjaya

Discover the mosque and surau for muslims for prayer in Cyberjaya

Activities To Do In Cyberjaya

Figuring out activities to do in Cyberjaya will fill your free time. Let’s explore!

Cyberjaya Yearly Events

Get to know the yearly events in Cyberjaya such celebrations, festivals and marathon, etc.

Transportation Guide

Plan your trip with the most useful transportation guide in Cyberjaya!