Online learning might be hard for some of us. Here are some tips to manage your time and keep up with online learnings in this period of time:

1. Create schedule

Create your daily or weekly schedule, or simply your to-do list. Working with a pre-planned timeline helps you to maintain your pace and finish your work on time. However, you can still be flexible as there will be some urgent matters coming along the way.

2. Avoid distractions

While doing assignments, we might be having a lot of distractions. While some people can work with their phone, television, or background music on, some wouldn’t be able to concentrate with it. Try to turn it off or put it on silent if you happen to be the 2nd type so you can focus more on finishing your assignment.

3. Work at your own pace

Some people works better in the day, and some in the evening. Choose the time that is most convenient for you. Some also like to finish their assignment in one go, some prefer to do it little by little. Everything is fine. But try to avoid procrastination.

Comment and Share with us if you have some interesting way to manage your time for Online Learning!

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