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Embark on a transformative language learning journey with our Intensive English Programme. Designed for students of all levels, this comprehensive program goes beyond traditional language courses.

👉 What to Expect:

Immersive Learning Environment: Our classrooms are dynamic spaces where language comes to life. Engage in discussions, debates, and real-life scenarios to enhance your language skills.

Tailored Curriculum: From grammar essentials to advanced conversation skills, our curriculum is crafted to address all aspects of language acquisition.

Experienced Instructors: Learn from passionate educators dedicated to your success. Our experienced faculty brings language to life with interactive lessons and personalized attention.

Cultural Integration: Explore the richness of the English language through cultural activities, language clubs, and events that make learning not only educational but also enjoyable.

Apply Now:

Local Students: https://unikop.edu.my/registration-form-new-students/
International Students : https://unikop.edu.my/international-enquiry/


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