UNIKOP l Top 5 Study Tips of All Time

UNIKOP l Top 5 Study Tips of All Time

Flavored Gum – Chewing a flavored gum is another great trigger for your brain. The flavor and texture of the gum may help you retrieve information from your brain. For best results, try a flavor that you’re unfamiliar with.

Keep Your Notes Clean – It’s hard to focus if your notes are messy and covered in scribbled out words. Rewrite your notes to keep them neat or type them out to make sure you can actually understand what you’re reading.

Color Code Your Notes – Try taking notes and doing homework assignments with colored pens, markers, and highlighters. The colorful notes could improve your visual memory and allow you to access information from your brain during an exam more efficiently. Plus, having organized, color-coded notes makes reading through them so much easier!

Teach A Friend – What happens if you have difficulty finding a way to explain your answers or put your thoughts into words? This can be difficult, even if you’re familiar with the material. Lecture to a friend, as this allows you to train and prepare your mind to explain complex topics. It’s especially useful if your final consists of a speech or presentation.

Play Some Music – While music is a great stimulant for our brains, some music can overwhelm and exhaust them. That said, not all music is bad for studying. If you dislike the silence of a library or your roommate won’t turn the TV off, try putting in some headphones and listening to some classical or instrumental music while you’re studying.


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