On 1st June 2020 Unikop Charity Club officially announce their club and open for members registration. In addition, they also launched their first online program called Stress Management (Mental Health) Program. They conduct a survey and sharing about stress management among students using their Instagram and WhatsApp platform. They also held a poster contest among Unikop students and three of the participants won the competition. The objective of this program is actually to bring awareness to all,
especially the college students. It also to help students managing their stress by giving them any tips and build closer relationships among students and care about each others. From this program, this club also provide a platform with a help from Student Affairs Department and Enlight Mental Health Charity counselor to them who needed a help to express their problems. We are Unikop Charity Club hope that having a Stress Management (Mental Health) program can be beneficial for students to practice in dealing with the stress they face. Don’t be scared to talk about it. Its hard work, but the power to reach and teach them is well worth it.

Thanks for all the participate ❤


1) First Winner : Farrah Nazirah

2) Second Winner : Nur Faiqah
3) Third Winner : Nur Hidhayu

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